Creiselda Terpoorten

[email protected]

Creiselda Terpoorten (she/her/Ella) brings a wealth of experience in community engagement to her role as Assistant Project Manager. With a background rooted in fostering relationships as a trusted messenger within underserved communities, Creiselda has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with elected officials, agency staff, and diverse stakeholders from both public and private sectors. Her expertise in public policy analysis is instrumental in identifying strengths, bridging gaps, and cultivating collaboration using best practice methods. As a self-starter, Creiselda has independently spearheaded various community initiatives, specifically highlighting the immediate and long-term needs surrounding homelessness, housing stability, and inclusive economic development in Inland SoCal. Her skill set spans strategic planning, power mapping, implementation, and comprehensive program evaluation. Creiselda holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from California State University, San Bernardino, and a master’s in public policy from the University of California, Riverside.